product details / scope of delivery

2-stage telescopic, free-moving, floor-running

Automatic axle and transmission jack
with pneumatic motor and fast control
in slim design specifically for dismantling assemblies
and lifting vehicles up to 16.5 t


  • Unique synchronised telescopic lifting cylinder for quick load lifting with fast control
  • Efficient fast control for UP and DOWN movement integrated as standard
  • Precision, user-friendly foot control using compact and robust operating unit for quick lift and load lift
  • Delicate and precision lowering of the pit jack with tried & tested system with integrated dead man's control
  • Telescopic stages protected against corrosion thanks to the Venturi effect (separation of hydraulic oil and airflow)
  • Integrated cover to protect against unintentional operation


  • Freely movable floor-runnable pit jack for flexible use at various work locations, e.g. workshops or work pit
  • Floor-running carriage with four guide rollers, two of which are fitted with brakes to prevent rolling away (without load)
  • Spring-based roll guard: jack automatically lowers itself to floor once a load capacity of about 1000 kg is reached, securing itself in the process
  • Integrated inspection window for checking oil quality and quantity of the pit jack
  • Optimised removal of the dismantled units thanks to low construction height of the jack due to ideal arrangement of the lifting unit in the carriage
  • With its non-slip coating the carriage can be used as a secure working platform for ergonomic reasons
  • Corrosion-resistant piston rods thanks to self-lubrication
  • High-quality powder-coating protects against corrosive liquids and elevates quality look and feel on a lasting basis

Scope of delivery:

  • Pit jack with hydro-pneumatic automatic control system
  • Carriage with four guide rollers
  • Standard support lugs 120 x 120 mm
  • Operating instructions
  • EC conformity certificate
  • Colour: Jack base frame RAL 7040
    • Attachments and carriage RAL 7016


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Technical documentation

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Technical Data

Technical data:

Load capacity (CE)16,500 kg
Fast stroke power400 kg
Stroke distance1200 mm
Lifting levels2
Min. load pick-up height867 mm
Max. lifting height2067 mm
Carriage (L x W)1010 x 760 mm
Rollers80 mm (polyamide)
Support diameter inside/outside45/80 mm
Piston rod diameter80/115 mm
Oil quantity/quality15.3 l / HLP-D 10
Drive350 l/min. 7-10 bar
Operating pressure235 bar
Weight300 kg