Premium Workshop Outfitting for AUDI

The New Terminal Concept is also in England and Denmark


With the new AUDI-Terminal concept, the AUDI AG has attained their ideal of creating an unmistakable architecture for the dealerships. The building – built according to the newly defined design guidelines – should sharpen the brand profile and gracefully integrate into the city and landscape scenery of its chosen location. The dominant characteristics are dynamic, asymmetry and transparency.

The first locations to realize this new concept were Sydney, Tokyo and Munich. London and Fredericia, Denmark have now followed.

The AUDI Terminal in Fredericia, Denmark has gigantic dimensions. Located directly on the autobahn E20 the first AUDI Terminal Split Level Type worldwide and the very first in Denmark was built on an area of 10,200 m² with the complete project totaling 50,000 m².

MAHA supplied the equipment which has been recommended by AUDI (VAS Equipment):

  • 29 inground lifts
  • 2 EUROSYSTEM brake testers
  • 1 Shockabsorber tester
  • 1 Emission combi-unit

Completion and commissioning of the project in October 2009.

Straightset, UK, has been the general agent for SLIFT products in England for almost 20 years now. On behalf of UAG they received the order to outfit the AUDI sales outlet, one of the largest in the world, with SLIFT technology. The task entailed planning an underground workshop, equipping it and turning it over fully functional. The impressive workshop is located on 2 underground decks of a 7 floor building.

The opening took place in October of this year.

29 service bays have been equipped with inground lift systems.

They have:

  • 18 x DV 35.19R5.20
  • 1 x DV 40.19KX35
  • 1 x QM 50.19-526AT2


2009 Audi Daenemark