RMA - Process

With Return of Material Authorization (or Return Merchandise Authorization) (RMA-Number) is a identification number given by the vendor for the return of goods.

Fill out the follwing forms online and you will get your RMA-Number. You can see the status of your RMA-Process in this tool as well.

The RMA-Process serves us to return the goods structured. Thereby we will get a faster and a more faultless assignment and processing wih the returns. Therefor is significant to attach the RMA-Number securely and visible to the package, to segregate the delivery in the goods receiving department better.


Brief description for RMA Process
Help for Print

Dear RMA users,

to attend you better and faster we completed the RMA system with bar code. So that MAHA can attach incoming goods immediately and without faults.

So that you can produce the bar code with your own printer is a software font necessary. Please save the file "FRE3OF9X.TTF", which is ready for download followingly, on your computer into the system directory "C:\Windows\Fonts".

If you saved the font correctly or is it already available please test if the bar code is shown correctly with the "Example Packet-Label" being ready for download followingly.

Thank you for your assistance, furthermore we are thankful for suggestions for improvement and tips any time.


Bar code font
Example Packet-label
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