Our Products

The complete development, manufacture, assembly and sale of our products is carried out at our headquarters in Haldenwang. Our products are all manufactured at our modern facilities in Haldenwang. The SLIFT product range includes all types of pit jacks for almost any application. We have been continually expanding our product spectrum since 1986 to include car lifting platforms, too.

Although the company first focused on underfloor technology, products for above ground applications soon followed. While completing our product range, we also brought out a lifting platform for lorries weighing up to 60 tonnes in 1994. Of course, we are still working to extend our product line further. As a result, we hope that our customers will be able to turn to us in the future as a competent and innovative global supplier of complete solutions for lifting platform technology.

The Products:

  • Post-/Scissors - and In-ground-Lifts
  • Multi-Post Lifting Systems
  • Pit Jacks and Axle Transmission Jacks
  • Mobile Wheel Grabbing Lifts

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