Headlight testers from SLiFT now too


A strategic decision for SLiFT, the MAHA Group’s lifting technology brand: the existing product range is being expanded to include two headlight setting units.

Haldenwang, 26 January 2017. In adding the “SEP Comfort” and the “SEP Classic” – two headlight testers that have been officially available to order since October 2016 – the SLiFT brand is expanding its range of products beyond its existing core portfolio in the lifting technology segment.

SEP Comfort – a future-proof investment for current and future light systems
The unit sets standards in the field of digital headlight testing, since ultra-modern microprocessor technology means that measurements are determined in a highly precise and objective manner. But the absolute highlight of the SEP Comfort is its electronic level compensation feature for unevenness in the floor, as it has a major influence on the measured result when testing headlight settings. The unit uses its self-levelling function to compensate for unevenness in the floor to prevent incorrect measurements. An integrated position sensor records the unit’s angle of inclination and the software automatically compensates for any deviations from the horizontal plane when calculating the headlight position.

Thanks to a wear-free high-precision guide pillar with ball bearing mounted guide rollers, the SEP Comfort can be guided in an upright position in a particularly maintenance-free and smooth manner. A counterweight integrated in the guide pillar allows the light box to be positioned at headlight height with smooth, effortless movements.

Even if vehicle manufacturers come up with more “headlight innovations” in future, you can rest assured that you’re well-equipped with the SEP Comfort, as here all you have to do is adapt the unit software, which is easily made available by means of the Download function. User-friendly details, such as an extremely powerful battery for uninterrupted working of up to ten hours, or even its sturdy unit condition make the SEP Comfort the ideal headlight tester for any workshop.

SEP Classic – analogue headlight testing of the highest standards
This analogue headlight tester is based on the robust and maintenance-free unit design of the SEP Comfort. The technically proven and wear-free high-precision guide pillar makes the unit permanently stable in use – even under busy conditions too.

The clear and user-friendly unit set-up guarantees simple and self-explanatory use. The SEP Classic can therefore be easily positioned in front of the vehicle and, thanks to the large Fresnel lens, correctly arranged in front of the vehicle’s headlights too. For precise alignment to the vehicle’s longitudinal axis, a “laser alignment unit” is available as an optional alternative to the mirror. The unit moves between the vehicle’s headlights with full directional stability thanks to individual rails, which are available in various models.

“Incorporating the two headlight testers into the existing SLiFT product range is a strategic decision for us that will mean we will be capable of responding to the demand in this segment in the future too,” explains Markus Weber, Head of Business Development & Marketing at MAHA. “It is entirely conceivable that we will distribute even more products under the SLiFT brand in future to round off our portfolio in emissions testing, for example.”















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