To achieve success on the market, our company needs to meet numerous requirements from a wide range of sources. Everything is focused on the customers and what they need from our products and services. Meeting these customer needs is what quality is all about, and if we do this effectively, we can place our products and services on the market with great success.

In addition to these customer requirements there are multiple other parameters that must be fulfilled to safeguard the long-term success of our company – compliance with legal regulations is just one of them. None of these parameters can be fulfilled effectively and practically unless we recognise the requirements in good time, incorporate them into our company processes and implement them correctly. To do this, we use our integrated management system (IMS).

The management systems contained in the IMS are specified in industrial standards that each deal with a particular requirement area – for example with quality (ISO 9001) or environmental protection (ISO 14001). These standards are based on the experience of leading group companies and business committees. They lay down principles describing the best ways to recognise and implement the requirements. Rather than functioning as a legislative straitjacket, they represent practice-based guidelines for efficiently planning and realising processes that will satisfy all requirements. Applying the standards effectively maximises fulfilment of the relevant requirements and makes all areas of the organisation more transparent and productive.

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